Friday, April 29, 2011

Jerusalem Garden

First I would like to offer a disclaimer- "We Eat Ann Arbor" is not responsible for surprising prices at any of the restaurants we have reviewed (ahem... The Blue Nile... Freshman class...). 

Ashley Park is a huge reason for the success of this blog right now. A big thank you to Ashley for instigating all of these recent eating ventures. There are still a lot of us left in Ann Arbor, and so Samantha, Ashley, Elisabeth, Me, and Chelsea Groen pilgrimaged to Jerusalem Garden for some authentic Middle Eastern food. 
Movie Star, Ashley Park

Chelsea and Chelsea
Elisabeth's 8th grade portrait
Atmosphere: 8. FINALLY it was warm enough to sit outside on the patio. It was a little breezy (there was a tornado warning that day...) but the sun felt wonderful. There's a lot of construction in South Fifth though, right in front of the restaurant which wasn't ideal. 

Service: 7. Our food came out really quickly, but Ashley and Elisabeth's order of hummus never came out, so they ended up canceling it. 
Things I don't know the names of, pita, and our half-eaten plate of Chicken Shawarma
Food: 9. I can now say that Chicken Shawarma has changed my life. So good. Samantha and I split the plate of Chicken Shawarma which came with mjaddara and a bit of tabbouli (I don't really know what these words mean. But it was great). Elisabeth finally pulled the stick out of her behind and dropped her rule that no one can order the same thing- she and Ashley also split the Chicken Shawarma. Chelsea ordered the Falafel plate with lentil soup, which she rates as a nine. Good choice, Chels.

For all of you staying in AA for the summer, or coming our for a trip when there is warmer weather- this is the perfect summer spot. But bring someone who knows what all those words mean. 

307 South 5th Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2217
(734) 995-5060

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Blue Nile

If it feels like its been two months since you last read a Food Blog post from us, you have. Elisabeth and I were in a little production called BRIGADOON, but now that it is over, we have all the time in the world to eat and write about eating. We hope you missed us.

Tonight, Elisabeth and I celebrated the end of the year and the show with several of our good friends at The Blue Nile, an Ethiopian restaurant downtown.  It's unlike any dining experience I have ever had- they bring you huge trays of food and these light bread roll/wrap things that you tear up and scoop up the food with. It's communal dining at its best. Elisabeth and Ashley had been there together about a month ago and I've been dying to go and experience it for myself. I was NOT disappointed.
Across the street
Me, Elisabeth, Ashley, Allison, Laura, Holly, and her brother Adrian
Atmosphere: 7. The Blue Nile is beautiful- its colorful, spacious, and incorporates Ethiopian design elements. Our table was right next to the window overlooking the street, prime seating.

Service: 10. Perhaps given the fact that we were one of the only parties in the restaurant on a sleepy Monday evening contributed to this factor, but the wait staff took excellent care of us. Our waitress was constantly bringing us more food and water, we were visited by the owner of the restaurant, and they even brought us free tea at the end of our meal!

Food: 9. I don't quite know how to begin to describe how great the food was. And so different from anything else I've ever had. Included in the food tray were lentils (lots of kinds of lentils), cabbage, split yellow peas, chicken drumsticks, spicy beef, collard greens, mixed vegetables and more. We each ordered the "Ethiopian Feast" which meant an all-you- can-eat buffet. They brought us two trays for the table and for the next hour replaced all the items we had eaten with more food. So. much. food.

Before they brought the meat for the middle of the tray, and before we devoured it
This side of the table ate their seconds before we could finish our firsts... They actually lapped us twice.
L to R Elisabeth, Ashley, Allison, and Laura- who is halfway in the pic because she only half helped them
Allison loves the Blue Nile :)

IF YOU GO: Important Tip! Bring any recent UProd ticket- on the back is a 20% discount!
The Blue Nile
221 E Washington St 
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 
(734) 998-4746