Monday, January 17, 2011

Northside Grill

January 7th

A celebratory brunch was in order, so we headed over to Northside Grill on Broadway St. By brunch, we mean it was about noon.

Atmosphere: 6. But we don't fault it for it. This cozy little side-of-the-road spot isn't trying to be anything other than a down home diner serving delicious breakfast and lunch options. It's nothing interesting, but most people do consider it an Ann Arbor staple. People don't come back for the atmosphere, they come for the food.

Service: 7. 

Food: 8.  After her first bite of our shared platter of our favorite breakfast food, the words  “best french toast I have ever eaten,” escaped from Elisabeth's mouth. This means a lot, because she’s had a lot of French toast. The biscuits were stale, but the hot chocolate was excellent (added chocolate chips on top of the whipped cream was a delightful bonus). Our omelets (tomato/mozzarella/ham and ham/swiss/onion) were unexceptional but tasty. The side of hash browns was a delightful surprise. 

Overall Experience: 7. We think the pressure to eat at Northside comes from the fact everyone says you should go to Northside. It isn't anything above and beyond other neighborhood breakfast places. However, it was a cozy place to spend a Friday morning/afternoon chatting and enjoying a tasty, inexpensive meal.

If you go: (734) 995-0965
1015 Broadway Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

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