Monday, January 17, 2011

Our New Semester's Resolution

Most people's New Year's goals revolve around eating less food and spending less money. Ours? Quite the opposite. This semester, Elisabeth and I have resolved to eat at the varied restaurants Ann Arbor has to offer. After frequenting TKWU, Sava's and Mr. Greek's Coney Island for the thousandth time, we realized it was time to look past the University of Michigan campus and into the heart of Ann Arbor. We have compiled a list of 20+ restaurants and eateries that we (or at least one of us) have never been to- a list we are sure will continue to change. The two of us poor college students are on a mission to experience the best (and maybe worst?) food Ann Arbor has to offer.

The List (additions and deletions to be expected): 
The Blue Nile
The Earle
Fleetwood Diner
Blimpie Burger
The Jolly Pumpkin
Cafe Habana
Conor O'Neills
Brown Jug
Afternoon Delight
Zingerman's Roadhouse
Abor Brewing Co.
Washtenaw Dairy
Grizzly Peak
Quickie Burger
The Melting Pot
The Quarter
Prickly Pear

Obviously, we realize some Ann Arbor favorites like Zingerman's Deli and Seva's aren't on this list. We've eaten there already and will hopefully revisit them once this initial behemoth of a list has been conquered.  Have we missed anything? What favorite Ann Arbor eateries can you not live without? Make a suggestion and we might add it to the list!

Happy Eating!
Chelsea and Elisabeth

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  1. I think this is about the best resolution I've ever seen. I fully support it and I can't wait to read about everything :).